February 7th, 2014

Highlights of an Abundant 2013!

And they say 13 is an unlucky number!  On the contrary, this past year was full of so many projects and new connections in three rewarding areas. Sustainable Landscaping and Design.  As I indicated in my last post, The Abundant Backyard  was delighted to be a part of the first group of certified Green Landscaping Businesses in [...]

Under the guidance of Mary Phillips, founder of The Abundant Backyard, and with coordination of partners by Silver Spring Green, the Broad Acres Elementary School Living Classroom has flourished. Broad Acres kindergartners and first graders have completed spring planting in three raised 8’ x 4’ vegetable beds and two 10’ x 10’ native plant beds. [...]

July 28th, 2012

Butterfly Garden Success!

Was so excited to find six (clearly visible) Monarch Catepillars in school native plant pollinator garden! The blue circles highlight 3 of the caterpillars. They were on the orange butterfly milkweed and swamp milkweed. Can’t wait to share with teachers and use as an outdoor lab with students on butterfly life cycle. Will probably need [...]

May has been a busy month for our elementary students to explore and learn in the school’s native plant pollinator garden. First graders pretended they were bees in a hive and did the waggle dance to let other bees know the direction of flower food source. They then “flew” to the flower they planted as [...]

Gardens Grow Minds: Schools as Green Educator Author Mary Quattlebaum’s new article discusses value of school gardens and highlights a native plant pollinator garden I have had worked on. Mary’s new book is Jo MacDonald Had a Garden is a lovely book for young children to sing along with. Dawn Publications has many books that [...]

November 19th, 2011

Art in the Garden!

Our school’s Art Teacher, Miss Chiddo introduced the 2nd grade class to art of Georgia O”Keefe and then asked the class to do their own paintings of the fall flowers in the school garden. 

November 19th, 2011

School Garden Ecosystem

The 5th graders at our school recently studied how different parts of an ecosystem interact in our school’s native plant pollinator garden.  They were very engaged in dentifying  producers, consumers, decomposers and examples of symbiois.   During their exploration they found our resident praying mantis who has been in the garden since school began.  They named him [...]

Here is the progression over 3 years! 3 Years Later July 2011

March 26th, 2011

Schoolyard Habitat Hunt

As part of their science curriculum this semester, 3rd grade explored the habitat of the schoolyard and its native plant garden to hunt for sources of food, water, shelter and places for wildflife to raise its young.  The Habitat Hunt lesson plan was modified by splitting the class into four groups to hunt as either insects, [...]

Was checking in on the school garden last night while my son was attending summer book club and was so happy to see all the life, bees and  butterflies busy.  I think this is a  Black Swallowtail stopping on the marigolds the Daisy troop planted in containers.  Walking around the path I was surrounded by fragrances [...]

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