“Wassail” (“waes hael” in Middle English) means “be well”, and in this old ritual it’s a toast to the well-being of  an important year round food crop”, notes garden writer Barbara Damrosch in The Washington Post, Local Living Section, December 23, 2010.  She continues,”  in England’s apple country, usually around Twelfth Night, apple trees were saluted [...]

Under a cold, clear starlit sky this week, our neighborhood craft night group crunched through frosted leaves  to our neighbor Michelle’s beautiful kitchen.  We  were greeted by the aroma of  mulled rum cider.   The hot cup of cider was the first offering of the Winter Harvest Menu we were partaking in that evening.  Even though the temperatures have dropped below freezing, some root vegetables and [...]

November 20th, 2010

Chesapeake Grown Christmas Gifts

With our family’s efforts to eat more  local sustainably produced foods from within our Chesapeake Bay watershed, it made sense to see if there were gift options made with local sustainably grown or raised products.  In this December’s issue of  Washington Parent Magazine, my article Homemade Gifts for Crafty Kids  on page 26, highlights a number of those gift [...]

October 1st, 2010

Crafting Community

We give a lot to our kids, but I am often in awe that because of them we get so many unexpected blessings in return.  Often we grow from their sharing their  unique spirit with us, but also our lives are enriched by the new experiences and people they bring into our lives. My new article in Washington [...]

Labor Day weekend we celebrated our 3rd annual backyard harvest potluck where guests brought a dish created from local fare within 100 miles of Silver Spring .   The 3 unofficial winners for closest entries were:  1) my neighbors’  Bob and Aaron’s (4 & 5 doors down) India Pale Ale brewed from hops grown Bob’s backyard! 2) Elaine’s Fig and Goat [...]

Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to attend Governor and First Lady O’Malley’s Buy Local Cookout at their residence Maryland’s Government House.  This event officially kicked-off Maryland’s “Buy Local Challenge” week, which encourages Marylanders to incorporate at least one locally-grown, produced or harvested product into their meals each day.  The best part of the cookout was [...]

Was checking in on the school garden last night while my son was attending summer book club and was so happy to see all the life, bees and  butterflies busy.  I think this is a  Black Swallowtail stopping on the marigolds the Daisy troop planted in containers.  Walking around the path I was surrounded by fragrances [...]

Enjoy my new article in Washington Parent Magazine about families DC, MD and VA eating fresh and local.  Below are some additional tips for families. Create Traditions  Plan seasonal family outings to explore new local food sources in the Chesapeake Region, local farms, dairies, orchards.  Call ahead to confirm hours and availability. See www.marylandsbest.net  or  www.localharvest.org [...]

Driven by our tastebuds and stomach, one summer sojourn our family will make is to explore the variety of foods grown locally or caught by watermen throughout the state of Maryland.  Our travel guide will be Lucie L. Snodgrass’s new book Dishing Up Maryland.  I attended her book signing last night with my friend Anne, and [...]

  I have been doing some freelancing for Washington Parent Magazine.   The first article is in the June publication and lists five venues a little off the beaten track, and ready for exploring here in the mid-atlantic.   Here is the link to the article. Just Beyond the Beltway a Short Ride to Summer Adventures.   Enjoy and look for [...]

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