January 31st, 2010

Soulwork along Sligo Creek

Just got back from a beautiful late afternoon walk along the creek that borders our neighborhood.   Solitude, serenity and renewal all within a few miles from the Metro DC city line. The sun was beginning its descent and cast long shadows turning  newly fallen snow pale blue.   Where it shown through brightly, golden spotlights revealed the brilliant green of  [...]

This is a place I discovered over ten years ago on one of the Valley Craft Network’s spring tours just west of Fredrick Maryland.  At that time it was primarily the family’s home and  gardens with a small herb and gift cottage shop.  It has since expanded to a thriving garden center with many beautiful gardens and restored historic craft buildings.   [...]

January 31st, 2010

Old Town Bowie, MD

Our family stumbled upon Old Town Bowie one day during the kids’ spring break.  We had been down the road from the town helping a friend work his CSA plot one morning.  As it got to lunch time,  we were leaving and my son noticed a historical sign about Huntington Railroad Station.  So we followed it [...]

January 30th, 2010

Mid Atlantic Discoveries

As I get them together I will post entries about discoveries our family has made during afternoon or daytrips throughought MD, DC, VA, DE and PA.  The mid atlantic is filled with well known sites and many off the beaten track.    These include gardens, heritage and cultural sites.

One of the unanticipated joys of working in the garden had been creating areas that engage the imagination. At times I intentionally identified a  space but more often than not the kids were inspired to create a spot of their own.  For example, the kids have claimed a corner of the yard behind the vegetable [...]

Two years ago, a friend and I were chatting  in my Silver Spring front yard when our milkman pulled up to the house to make his delivery. My friend was astonished and insisted our neighborhood had time traveled back to the 1940s.  After receiving our two glass bottles of milk, farm fresh eggs, chicken and [...]

In 2009, I joined Margy and Sarah(friends and neighbors) to create a large vegetable garden at Sarah’s vineyard.   We are committed to growing food that is free of pesticides and herbicides and chemical fertilizers.   For the last several years, our family has eaten as much as we could grow in our backyard.  It was apparent,  however, that my small [...]

This is a family project we have all helped to start! “Buzzing” Back to School   Students returned to my sons’ school in August to find the fruits of their spring labors rewarded.   The  new Butterfly/Pollinator Garden was full of life and color!  Last June, a gift of a stepping stone from the class of 2009 [...]

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