May 30th, 2012

A Gardening Heritage

My early gardening experience is based on the learning I was fortunate to acquire from a first generation Hungarian grandfather who grew the most amazing tomatoes, beans, and corn out of a cinderblock 8 foot by 12 foot area between his garage and retaining wall of his lush flowering self landscaped suburban yard in Euclid [...]

May has been a busy month for our elementary students to explore and learn in the school’s native plant pollinator garden. First graders pretended they were bees in a hive and did the waggle dance to let other bees know the direction of flower food source. They then “flew” to the flower they planted as [...]

Alessandro was very happy to win this green basket raffle for his Mom on Mother’s Day, although he intends to try some of the honey! The raffle, which was spearheaded by Mary Phillips at The Abundant Backyard during the Fenton Street Market, raised $45 for Silver Spring Green and generated interest in sustainability in Silver [...]

Gardens Grow Minds: Schools as Green Educator Author Mary Quattlebaum’s new article discusses value of school gardens and highlights a native plant pollinator garden I have had worked on. Mary’s new book is Jo MacDonald Had a Garden is a lovely book for young children to sing along with. Dawn Publications has many books that [...]

Thanks to all who visited the Abundant Backyard tent at Fenton Street Market yesterday. I hope all the moms’ enjoy the fragrant herbal porch pantry container baskets they receive today. In effort to reduce paper waste, I promised recipes and instructions posted for the baskets. Care Instructions: At least 4 hours of sun. Let herbs [...]

Come to The Abundant Backyard tent at Fenton St. Market in Silver Spring on Mother’s Day Weekend Enter a drawing for a gift basket that celebrates the abundance of our region with locally produced, sustainable products! Basket Includes: Abundant Backyard Gift Certificate for One hour “Garden Buddy” Consultation for ideas on sustainable gardening strategies to [...]

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