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mystery coverThis is a fun birthday party theme where kids investigate a nearby creek and solve riddles to find the lost treasure.   Guests received the following invitation somewhat mimicking the old “Hardy Boys” books.  The inside of the invitation included an introduction to the story (see below in bold )based on some real historical info about the park and the rest  “our family legend” about the mystery.   ” In the early 1900s, an old resort hotel was built in a part of Sligo Creek.  It was called the Glen Sligo Resort.  Visitors included diplomats from the embassies, Congressmen, and other regulars. The business thrived and telegraph lines were brought in from the nearby Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The hotel eventually became a gambling Casino.  The place specialized in race track information and sought to expand its clientele.  It did, and with the new prosperity came a more distinguished group of patrons.  The visitors included groups of highly-financed gamblers from Baltimore.”   ”Our family’s legend has it that during a dark and stormy night andGlen Sligo Hotel 1901 a flood that forced the wealthy guests out of the hotel, a treasure was taken out of the hotel safe and hidden along the Sligo Creek trail.  Years after the resort was torn down, “old man Jenkins”, the former caretaker of the property swore he knew the place this treasure was hidden.  His dying words were: “ It glistens on high, in a Y, near the number 6 bridges……”  Join (birthday boy/girl) to search for clues to the treasure and enjoy a birthday treat!  Each guest received a detective cap, magniIMG_2654fying glass, and private investigator badge made from their school picture, spy glasses and a belt clip compass.   Clues that led them along the creek trail related to natural landmarks, the bridge maps and a lean- to “hide out” created by branches downed in the recent snow storm.   Each team found their treasure box of gold chocolate coins hidden in a “Y” shaped tree.


Clue: Turn back the way you came- you passed me before-I am a billion years old and look like a giant Crocodile nose.

Clue: I once was alive. But now I lie. Hollow and empty. Reach into my inside.


Old Man Jenkins partner is looking for the treasure too!  He has a clue hidden in his lean-to shelter in the woods.

Old Man Jenkins partner is looking for the treasure too! He has a clue hidden in his lean-to shelter in the woods.

Enjoying their find!

Enjoying their find!

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