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This blog is inspired by the abundance we are blessed with in people, nature and the cultures that surrounds our family here in Silver Spring Maryland.  into the garden vertical

Inspiration begins out the backdoor, where my yard initially provided a respite in my years of frequent business travel, under the shade of the tall maple that once covered its entirety.  Its canopy later sheltered my husband and I as newlyweds when we hosted our Stone Soup potluck gatherings of friends and family.  The yard then continued to provide my first born an imaginative play world, and the tree a simple place for many games of hide seek around its wide base between its roots and in the shaded gardens.

As the tree aged and began to fall down, posing a danger from the heavy branches that fell with each storm, we had to cut it down.  The backyard was transformed into a sunny opportunity for flowers and vegetables of all kinds. It became a discovery and experiment play area for digging, planting, growing and harvesting for my now two sons.  Along the way we learned how to be  better stewards of the garden’s gifts, to understand what it takes to sustain even this small plot of land in healthy, natural way.   This backyard experience  connected us to  nearby Sligo Creek, the greater Chesapeake Bay watershed and mid Atlantic region.

Our connection to the land and understanding of sustainability continues as we now eat a significant portion of locally grown and produced foods, and more intimately understand the importance of native plants and pollinators and human impact on the ecosystem.

Venturing further into our larger backyard, has been an enriching exploration of the diverse abundance of the neighborhood, town, county,  state and region we reside in.  It truly is never ending in natural, heritage and cultural gems.

Starting in the garden you are invited to share in lessons learned and the celebration of the the many backyards our family has discovered

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