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June’s issue of Washington Parent Magazine features my lastest article on a unique opportunity for connecting kids to nature and their past. Dinosaur Park provides information on the fossil rich “Dinosaur Alley” of Maryland and the Washington DC area and opportunities for kids to discover evidence of our earliest native plants and animals. The Dinosaur [...]

Gardens Grow Minds: Schools as Green Educator Author Mary Quattlebaum’s new article discusses value of school gardens and highlights a native plant pollinator garden I have had worked on. Mary’s new book is Jo MacDonald Had a Garden is a lovely book for young children to sing along with. Dawn Publications has many books that [...]

November 19th, 2011

School Garden Ecosystem

The 5th graders at our school recently studied how different parts of an ecosystem interact in our school’s native plant pollinator garden.  They were very engaged in dentifying  producers, consumers, decomposers and examples of symbiois.   During their exploration they found our resident praying mantis who has been in the garden since school began.  They named him [...]

Here is the progression over 3 years! 3 Years Later July 2011

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